The Magic of Memories and the Past….

It’s strange how someone’s presence can light up or kill your mood. How actions, reactions, things, situations all lead to that one person!! Each passing incident or dialogue all remind you of that one person. Replaying the past in front of your eyes like you see in the movies. Sometimes you need to pinch yourself to remind yourself that what you see now is just a recollection of the past. And how  the past can’t be forgotten yet it can always be lived via your memory.

The same place, time, setting but with different people. And all I could pay attention to was the parking lot. the silence of the night in sync with the innumerable lights and the dull sounds of life and people. As I close my eyes I can feel your presence next to me each breath, each word, each action step by step….Looking at you next to me….


I curse my memory sometimes for bringing back the past ..yet the past never fails to surprise me..

A look into the first shot of the movie ‘Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani’ just made me want to jump into the screen and grab hold of the director. It brought back to me the memory of a “Bunny” I knew and met.. A “Bunny” who stole my heart like he stole Naina’s heart. And how like Naina i myself couldn’t say anything. The nuance, the friendship, celebration, travel, adventure, all remind me of my past.

The carefree bird “Bunny” too came into my life like a breathe of fresh air and changed the course of my life as I know it!! From being the most popular guy to the dude who dated hundred’s of women. The “Bunny” I knew was all this and much more. And perhaps the movie made me realize how the dialogues, the scenes and the settings seemed as if my life was a movie…

For the guy to whom I gave my heart… For the guy who still occupies my heart and mind!!!



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