The Matters of the Heart

“The heart may be on the wrong side but it’s always right”. Now doesn’t that sound similar? It is something which we have been told from time immemorial. Yet what one fails to understand is that the heart too can make mistakes, especially when it comes to the “matters of the heart”. The little heart not only pumps blood into your body but also manages to run our lives for us.


The heart may take sensible decision most of the times but when it comes to love more often than not, the seemly sensible demeanor of the heart goes for a toss!! One ends up doing the silliest and the crazy things that you would normally never do. So who is to blame for the feeble heart? And the innumerable heart breaks?

From learning a new language to writing long messages, from late night conversations to corner seat movie tickets, from dancing in the middle of the road to crying like a little baby, from being possessive to fighting over trivial things and this and much more, the heart makes us do it all… The wonders and joys of being in love are experienced all thanks to the heart!!

Many a times, I have wondered whether it gets sadistic pleasure in seeing us miserable post a heart break. Or when it skips a beat on seeing someone special.. This tiny little heart does so many things and I must say that the best experiences are the ones that are close to our hearts… Like in the movie Lootera, ‘Pakhi’ believes that will pass away the day the last leaf falls from the wilting tree outside the window. And the hero ‘Varun’ draws a leaf everyday and ties it to a tree just to give the heroine a reason to live longer or a ray of hope. Such small gestures are managed by the heart!!

So, even though the heart is to be blamed for all our problems and messed up love lives it is because of the heart that we have love and a life!!


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