25 Things You Must “Do” Before You Turn 25!!

The clocking is ticking and slowing and steadily you are the brink of the finish line; the prize is a step into a new year! You’re halfway through the most formative decade of your life. You don’t need all the answers, but you must keep asking questions. Everyone has a check list of the things they want to achieve and mentally we often put a little tick marks against them. Corporate slavery and demanding responsibilities might not give you enough time to enjoy life and smell the roses but you’re still a young, so buck up and try and follow the checklist of 25 things to do before you turn 25! I guarantee that by the end of the checklist, you rack up a few key experiences and in turn you will be fully prepped for an awesome future.


1. Go for a Blind Date

Rather than waiting for the right guy/ girl and going through the ordeal of a bad date, let your friends set you up on a “blind date”. Since they know you in and out why not let them fix you up with the perfect match for a change.

2. Love Your Parents

Accept them the way they are, let’s face it your parents brought you into this world and stood by you through thick and thin. It’s your turn to get over your resentment and brace them with the flaws! 

3. Kiss Someone Out of Your League

Yup you got me right, kiss someone out of your league and feel good about yourself. Enjoy the moment and don’t think about the consequences.

4. Buy a Ridiculously Expensive Item

Treat yourself to something that you have always wanted; something that defines luxury in the true form. Perhaps a ridiculous priced watch, shoes, clothes, cologne anything that your heart desires.

5. Eat Exotic Delicacies

Order a dish whose name is hard to pronounce and you have no clue about its ingredients; preferably a dish from some other country.

6.  Camp Under the Stars

You have never experienced a “Good Night” until you have camped under the stars. Leave the air conditioners at bay and soak in the twinkling night sky.

7. Get A new look

Don a new look with a brand new haircut and shop for clothes that you have never worn. Change is good!

8. Learn to Curse in New Languages

The art of cursing someone also lies in the way and the language you say it in. Learn to curse in 5 new languages.

9. Explore

Look at the map of your city close your eyes and pick a place and viola, you have got yourself a new must-see location. Explore the place and date someone there.

10. Create your Own Chief Special Dish

Soak in the flavours and create a new dish; your own chief special!!

11. Make Someone Smile

As simple as it sounds, in practice it’s the hardest thing to do. So suck it up and make someone’s day with your kind gestures or words.

12. Reconnect

Call up an old friend who you have been meaning to talk since a while and have been avoiding it for silly reasons. Make that re-connection and walk done memory lane with old buddies.

13. Dance in the Middle of the Road

As crazy as that sounds and looks, trust me in action it would give you the best high possible. Try it;  you might just lose your apprehensions and have a good time.

14. Night Out

Hop from one club to the other, dance, and drink and have a good time with your friends. You will never be 24 again, make it count!

15. Revisit

Revisit the places that made you who you are today, school, college, work, an old hangout spot or your hometown.  These places may not be there forever.

16. Get a New Hobby

Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to.

17. Confess to your Crush

You may have secretly had a crush on someone, well it’s time to tell them about it. What do you have to lose, try it. Who knows what will happen?

18. Learn to say No

Don’t do things  simply to please someone else. Learn to put your foot down and be your own master!!

19. Take a Dancing Class

Even if it is a trial but take a proper dancing class. Form of dance your pick but an actual dancing class is a must. How about salsa with your crush??

20. Make Amends

Seek forgiveness from all those you hurt over the years and forgive those who hurt you in turn.

21. Learn How Make a Fancy Cocktail

Learn how to make a fancy cocktail/mocktail and serve it to your friends.

22. Pump up the Adrenaline

Push  your comfort zone and try something that may terrify or put you in the spot. You’ll feel immensely proud of overcoming your fear, once you do it. It could be anything, as long as it gives you an adrenaline rush.

23. Out- of- the–box

Try something out-of-the-box. Take your buddies out for task which you never did and click as many pictures as you can. Take advantage of health insurance while you have it.

24. Host a Big Party

Call up all your friends and host your first cocktail party, the kind with LBDs and wine glasses and vodka shots.

25. Road Trip

Take a road trip with your buddies and just chill without checking your phone every minute. Take a trip and ditch the travel guide. Travel with just a backpack and a pair of fantastic sunglasses.



An Escape to the Hills

Heading to hills often brings a feeling of nostalgia, it brings back the feel good factor and the feeling of ditching the monotony. The round about movement of the bus, moving up to reach the top of the hill, the scenic beauty and a nip in the air all these mark the beginning of a great weekend. Not once has this scene failed to lift up my senses from a stupor. So, here I go, sitting in the bus, soaking in the surrounding and all that nature has to offer me with the i-pod in my ears playing a classic number. And I suddenly acquire a sense of tranquility which usually evades one due to the hustle-bustle of life.

A great escape usually requires some sort of planning at your end. Or you could bank upon your impulsive instincts and take the next bus or train to your dream getaway. Traveling to the hills has its own charm, a charm that will get to you and stay with you for a lifetime. Drive; take the train or simply take a bus, a journey to hills will lift your senses. My love for the hills has taken me to Himachal and Uttarkand umpteen times and have given me fond memories and rich cultural experiences.


What can never be recreated at home is the sunrise that you see in hills, the dark sky changing hues from black, to dark blue, to shades of purple, to shades of pink all moving towards the shades of yellow and orange to give the sky a never seen before look. Witnessing such a sight made me realize that this why mornings are called ‘Good Mornings’. The fresh air and the picture perfect surrounding all make for a great setting to clear your cobwebs!!

People often than not try and capture this beauty in the form of photographs and the hills never fail to give the best possible backdrop. As beauty is the morning, the night in the hills has its own charm, the pitch black sky and the innumerable stars in the sky with lights in the houses. A sight which you don’t see in the city thanks to the pollution. You can spend hours on the terrace star gazing and enjoying a perfect finish to the day. Warm scrumptious delicacies and cozy beds, the hills give everyone what they are looking for. From honeymooners to families to a group of friends, these hills have give generations a good holiday and big smile on their face.

So, the next weekend, ditch the mall or the movie and head for the hills and enjoy the luxury that nature has offer to you.