An Escape to the Hills

Heading to hills often brings a feeling of nostalgia, it brings back the feel good factor and the feeling of ditching the monotony. The round about movement of the bus, moving up to reach the top of the hill, the scenic beauty and a nip in the air all these mark the beginning of a great weekend. Not once has this scene failed to lift up my senses from a stupor. So, here I go, sitting in the bus, soaking in the surrounding and all that nature has to offer me with the i-pod in my ears playing a classic number. And I suddenly acquire a sense of tranquility which usually evades one due to the hustle-bustle of life.

A great escape usually requires some sort of planning at your end. Or you could bank upon your impulsive instincts and take the next bus or train to your dream getaway. Traveling to the hills has its own charm, a charm that will get to you and stay with you for a lifetime. Drive; take the train or simply take a bus, a journey to hills will lift your senses. My love for the hills has taken me to Himachal and Uttarkand umpteen times and have given me fond memories and rich cultural experiences.


What can never be recreated at home is the sunrise that you see in hills, the dark sky changing hues from black, to dark blue, to shades of purple, to shades of pink all moving towards the shades of yellow and orange to give the sky a never seen before look. Witnessing such a sight made me realize that this why mornings are called ‘Good Mornings’. The fresh air and the picture perfect surrounding all make for a great setting to clear your cobwebs!!

People often than not try and capture this beauty in the form of photographs and the hills never fail to give the best possible backdrop. As beauty is the morning, the night in the hills has its own charm, the pitch black sky and the innumerable stars in the sky with lights in the houses. A sight which you don’t see in the city thanks to the pollution. You can spend hours on the terrace star gazing and enjoying a perfect finish to the day. Warm scrumptious delicacies and cozy beds, the hills give everyone what they are looking for. From honeymooners to families to a group of friends, these hills have give generations a good holiday and big smile on their face.

So, the next weekend, ditch the mall or the movie and head for the hills and enjoy the luxury that nature has offer to you.


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