Musing About My Muse

You meet tons of people in your life and everyone serves their purpose and moves on. The questions lies that in the hustle bustle of life, why do very few people manage to leave a mark on you at a subconscious level? And these few people stay with you for a long period of time. If not in your lives but in thoughts, actions and in your mind; I too found someone who I like to call my muse.


My muse and my source of inspiration is someone who I look up to, to understand life and its complications.  He taught me millions of things without even knowing that he was teaching. My muse bewildered me right from the word go. Strictly speaking, I had no clear image of my muse in my head. I didn’t even know if I could get inspired and even as I write this, my mind has no clear “image” of my muse in my head. He has changed and metaphorized physically and emotionally, from the very beginning. What reminded constant throughout was my fascination. Who is he? What does he stand for? What makes him who is he? How does he trick? Why would he run from love? The questions drove me on and I had to find the answers. As I tried to tread on an unknown path, I refrained from many things. Only and only; not to lose focus of where I wanted to go. I took it upon me to understand and explore (my muse) and in that very process I got what I had been looking for. And this is how I found my inspiration.

For someone who loves to write, finding the appropriate muse is a hard task. Its difficult to find someone, who can keep you inspired for so long. But at times, like me you do get lucky.  At times words come easily. Sometimes they hide from me. But mostly they are inside me waiting to come out. To unblock writer block or to get the creative juices flowing all you need to do is to get in touch with what inspires you!!

You don’t need meditation or soul searching to get inspired even a small thing like a good conversation with the right person can inspire you beyond your imagination.  He is an orator, an actor, an entrepreneur, a brother, a lover, a son, a friend but for me he is my inspiration. In one of the many interaction with the muse, I try to think clearly and figuring out what to do. As I sit next to the man in question who has bewildered many a people I know!! I smile even without trying and get inspired some more……



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