From One Time Friends to Full Time Strangers

Shakespeare very rightly said once that “all the world’s a stage and men and women are merely players”. So true, life is like a stage performance an ongoing production where the only permanent character is you! The rest of the cast and crew of the show keeps changing.

People come and go from your life and what remains and stays with you are the memories. Some sweet and some salty. I have never really been good with goodbyes. And neither do I ever say ‘bye’ as for this word means in simple terms ‘the end’. On a call or in form of messages I never end conversations like this.

Yet sometimes you have to let go and move ahead. It’s strange how people walk into your life and suddenly become an intrinsic part of it. Gradually from strangers you grow into becoming friends.

You share all the ups and down’s in life together; the good, the bad, the ugly… everything. Friends are the relationships you choose to uphold and keep. Unlike your parents and relatives which you cannot pick.

In a way your friends are your own little family and now when things move on and misunderstandings crop in, the only thing you can expect from ‘your family aka friends’ is that they understand you. However, if that doesn’t happen and you grow apart and the only thing that holds you together then is your bond of friendship.


Sometimes these bonds become weak and crack and in that case you again become strangers. From one time friends your back to strangers and such is the circle of life.


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