Things That Only Men Can Do

I envy the life of men sometimes. Uncomplicated by the dictates of the biological clock every month, their life is more of a cake walk. And yes it would be interesting to walk in a man’s shoes, literally.

My initial reactions to the bizarre idea brought a rather big smirk to my best friend who took this opportunity to state that like Anil Kapoor got a chance to be the C.M. for a day in the movie, she would also want to become a man for a day?
According to Biblical legends, Adam is the reason why Eve was created in the first place. In a way men did everything first and women followed the way. Yet they have been bearing the brunt for just being ‘men’ all these years. Come to think of it, they are many things that only men can do with ease.
Each time when I went to get waxing done and I think about how life is so very simple for men at least in this aspect. Men can wear chest, underarm, leg, ear, and nose hair as proudly and unapologetically as they like.
And not only this, they can also go topless whenever they please. Whether it is walking down the street or in the gym, men can get topless at the drop of a hat! On the other hand imagine a woman walking topless down the street and if you somehow manage to remove your clothes at the shot, be rest assured that you are being clicked by some perverts.
Full bladder and you want to pee, but the next washroom is two kilometers away? All that a men need to do is to step outside and pee behind a dumpster. Find some cover, unzip and go.
All the women are going to hate for this one but as far as studies go, men can hold drinks better than women. Men produce an enzyme which breaks down alcohol. So they can drink more alcohol and still enjoy more rounds while still appear sober in comparison to a

Talking about gender equality and putting it in practice is another thing all together. All these things made me understand that they are some things that only men can do. And even though the grass is always greener on the other side I would still prefer to be a woman than a man!

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