All For The Love Of Food

Being a foodie my love for food does go everywhere with me. And believe you me, sometimes, it’s really embarrassing to admit but talking about food and planning for the next meal does take up a major part of my day. In fact to think of it I quite enjoy this as well.
hungry-food-love I’m an unapologetic foodie! And no matter how much will power I put in, I have come to the conclusion that certain foods are highly addictive to the core. The kinds that haunt you in your dreams and most importantly the kinds that give you cravings in the middle of the night!!

No matter how bad they make you feel, you just can’t stop. I mean you could stop, it’s not like you’re tied to the kitchen table being force-fed, but you get my drift, right? After a frantic attempt to figure out what’s wrong with me, I ended up coming across an article that revealed that there are some food groups that actually tend to leave you hungry!!

In a simple line, it would mean let’s just say, some foods forget to signal the brain that you are full and you feel you are hungry all over again. Now that actually makes sense, all of this made me realize that there were a couple of things that I was definitely doing wrong. I was only filling my belly with foods leave you wanting for more!

Chocolates, cakes, noodles and what not these happen to be my comfort food. Little did I know, that instead of giving me comfort they ending up making me hungry!!

Do you know that feeling when just a piece of dark chocolate is never enough? The truth is that both sweet as well salty snacks are very hard to put down. The main fact here is that dark chocolate contains fat that also is another reason why we tend to keep eating more.

Ever wondered why you never seem to get enough of box of noodles and gravy? Or why the label on a aerated drink which may read “diet,” is just to fool you. Studies have proved that diet soda makes you hungrier thanks to the artificial sweetener that basically inhibit your brain cells that make you feel full. How I wish I knew these things a little before, but like they say, it is better late than never.



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