Bargaining: What Makes Us Truly Indian?

Over the years I have heard various definitions that try and explain what make us truly Indian. However,out of the long list of attributes my personal favourite reason that brings us all together is that we as Indians love to bargain. Be it be, in malls or the streets we never fail to miss a chance to haggle. Ironically, we excel in it too and rather no one can beat us in it. In fact as Indians we love the word ‘free’ and ‘discount’.


As Indians we can bargain in every transaction and without an ounce of guilt, we can shamelessly ask for discounts. From cab fares to restaurant bills, from vegetable shopping to investing in property, we can bargain everywhere.

Some of the common instances where as Indians we have asked for discounts or use our negotiation skills to get something free:
1. While buying vegetables we ask for free dhaniya and mirchi.
2. When it comes to street shopping for clothes we bluntly ask for a 70% off, since paying beyond it just makes the clothes too ‘over priced’.
3. Haggling with auto wala bhaiya for petty amounts and telling him to give a discount.
4. We don’t even start negotiating until the salesman in a shoe of grocery shop has scratched through the initial price and lowered it at least twice.
5. Once the price has been cut 25-30%, we ask the salesman that we are going to buy two items. This gets us another 5% off. Then later we add a very expensive item — one which we do not intend to buy. But, we use it as a ploy to get further discounts.
6. We ask for free pani after having pani puri and once finished we also then ask for a free meethi mathi.
7. Even if we are going to buy a single pen we will look through a lot of samples and make the salesman sweat profusely before we finally make our first offer.
8. The classic case of bargain is seen when we choose to walk out of shop after inquiring everything about a product, price, making only for the shopkeeper to call us back and offer a discounted price.
9. And finally the golden rule followed by us while shopping is that ‘never to agree to the price said by the salesman’.

Some people think that bargaining is awkward but what they fail to see is that negotiations can be so valuable and it helps save a lot. And not to forget that no matter what price you pay — if the sales guy is smiling when you leave guess who won… But more often than not we enjoy this cycle alot!



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