What Makes A Guy Reliable?

The search for ‘Mr/Miss Right’ take a long time. Some are lucky to find them soon and some keep looking their entire life. However, a chance meeting with someone changed my perspective completely. Recently, I met my seven year old niece after a long time. We got chatting and one of the first things that she told me was that she is in love!

She went on to say that she has found the perfect guy in her class. Dumb struck and completely caught off guard, I looked at the smiling girl standing in front of me confessing ‘how she found it’. And who at the age of seven managed to do what many have yet to do or in I should say “yet to find”.

So I quizzed my niece further more and asked her what’s so nice about this guy? She smiled once again and said that “he is looks like Ranbir Kapoor”. So he is the one.
giphy (1)
I just realized that when I was her age perhaps even I would have had the same frame of mind. At that time looks seem to get all your attention. From one shiny new thing we move to the other. As that what our attention span is, when we are young.
During our teens, what women go through is what I would like to call a bad boy phase. Rugged and “cool” this guy will make you go weak in the knees. When the hormones are the driving force he is all that you can think of. And like my seven year old girl think “he’s the one” and you too think that you have found your perfect guy.
After a couple heartbreaks you get to know how he wasn’t the one. And then begin pondering on “what makes a guy reliable?”
As women we want and look for simple things in our partner. I ended up asking all my friends the same thing and got varied answers. What I got is a long list of “What makes a guy reliable?” But one fundamental thing was the same.
In times when lying has sort of become the simplest resort. Honesty in a person comes as a surprise and leaves you spellbound. So, honesty in a guy is the key thing that makes him reliable. After being through a bad boy phase you expect your guy to be first and foremost honest. The sense of honesty makes you believe and helps build trust.
A guy who is vocal about he feels and does, is something that all women want. The list of things that make a guy reliable is long but if the most fundamental ones are right some how the rest of the list automatically falls into place.

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