10 Awesome Tips To Click The Perfect Selfie

#Selfie became one of the most searched and talked about word last year. So much so that it was even added to the Oxford dictionary. Taking selfies has now sort of become the latest International obsession. Whether you accept it or not, I am sure that the selfie bug would have bitten too and every now and then you too would be posing for the perfect selfie.tumblr_inline_n2i55tgjjA1sohk3w

But have you ever wondered what it takes to get that perfect selfie shot? Because if you’re doing it, you might as well do it right!! So while taking your selfie next time round, keep the following tips in mind. And be assured that you will get the perfect shot.

1. Perfect lighting
Lighting is everything. Make sure you are at a spot that has adequate lighting. Once you have the lighting in check more than half of your job is done as bad lighting can spoil even the best of pictures.


2. Dab up the makeup
Yes, even the men can do with a little touch up every now and then!! As there is no harm in looking good even if you have to use a concealer for it. Shampoo, condition and pose. Basically put your best foot forward.Best_Bollywood_Selfie_Clicks

3. Experiment with angles
Don’t be afraid of trying various angles while taking selifes. And try and experiment with every new shot. As angles make a huge difference to every picture. You could even stand in front of the mirror to practice your angles.3785805775655396f68561308

4. App obsession
We all know that there are a number of cool apps available in the market that can help you capture yourself perfectly. All you need to do is to click a selfie and you can use these to add variations to your shot in innumerable ways.1096428063305396f69918ca2

5. Pick the right background
Having a beautiful background automatically adds great value to your picture so make you’re your background is good and clear. This will only amp up the awesomeness meter and give your selfie a never seen before look.3313758654785396f6cc64a98

6. Think out of the box
Try and be as creative as you can with each selfie. From anger to love use your smartphone to capture all your emotions with panache. Take multiple shots. Find your cute expression and make it work.4664752095005396f6e0718cf

7. Showoff your best side
Find out the various angle from which you look your very best and capture that! Of what I have seen many people look great when they hold the phone up and angle their face upwards. This makes the face and body look slimmer.7721977310915396f6f673bdf

8. Be sensible
Learn to manage your picture setting so that strangers are not ogling at your masterpieces. Don’t let your online albums be open for everyone’s view. And most importantly know what’s your limit and don’t push the envelope too far.4984899931125396f85db7d13

9. Practice makes perfect
Don’t expect that you will get the perfect selfie in your first try itself. You need a couple of tries to get that ideal shot. You could even crop up all your selfies and make a collage out of them.ei-222657

10. Have fun and say cheese
Let’s face it no one other than you will have the patience to pose and take pictures. So make the most of it. Also a smile can brighten up a picture instantly. Go ahead and flash those pearly whites and add an instant lift to the capture. Now that you are armed with these many tips to get that perfect selfie! Get clicking!!!5921194693315396f847afb69

FOR MORE: https://www.instagram.com/thegirlwithapinkphone/


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