You’re my clown when I’m sad,
You’re my medicine when I feel bad.

You’re my strength when I’m weak,
You’re my hope when things look bleak.

You are my handsome angel sent from above,
Who showed me what was true love.

You are my joy that fills all my pain,
The reason why I fell in love again.

You are my heart that is heaven sent
With you, I feel content.

You are everything and I couldn’t ask for more,
Which makes me wonder what was I thinking of before!

You and Me are meant to be
Because somebody up there loves me.

In my dreams and in my heart
We have something that cannot be torn apart.

Dreaming about you makes my night worthwhile
Thinking of you constantly make me smile.

You are the only one I adore
And someone who makes me always want more.

You are one of a kind
That’s why you are always on my mind

I still don’t know how I found you out of the blue
You are the only reason why I believe that prayers get answered too.

FOR MORE: https://www.instagram.com/thegirlwithapinkphone/ 



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