7 Ways Technology Has Completely Taken Over And Ruined Our Lives


Even though we have come a long way from the stone ages, yet it seems like back then they had their life more sorted out in comparison to us. I mean I do agree that technology has made our lives way easier but at the same time, it has kinda managed to ruin it as well.

As life now revolves around our gadgets and what they can do for us. It’s like we are all sucked into this trance-like state. We are now slaves to our phones and computers. Here are seven ways that I feel technology has managed to ruin our lives.

1. We record our lives rather than living them

Thanks to our smartphones most of our energy goes into ‘checking in’ on Facebook or taking selfies for Instagram. In fact, we are so busy taking pictures and making our timeline look like ‘we are having a good time’ that rarely do we actually do have one. I mean when the entire attention of your outing is just to take a good new ‘DP’ then when will you experience life? And who can forget status messages that are living a live blog of our lives?

2. We’re living ONLY for social media

Admit it. Haven’t you taken a picture and said: “this definitely needs to go on Facebook and Instagram”? Or haven’t you said, “ I have no pictures for this outing?” This is because we are only and only living through social media. We want people to know that our life is perfect. And for this, we are missing out on a lot.

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3. Likes and comments make our day

When you post something to Facebook you’re entire attention is stuck on the fact whether people will like it or not? In fact, secretly you check the post or photo every hour to see how many comments and likes it has got. It’s that just too damn stressful? Why let your life revolve around these trivial things?

4. You have eyes ONLY for smartphones and laptops

I have a game that you need to try out. So the next time you’re out in public, do yourself a favour and take a good, hard look around. And count the number of people whose eyes are glued to their smartphones. Don’t you find this odd? I mean if you had to be busy on your phone then might as well sit at home. Why go out in the first place!

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5. You never LOGOUT

Vacations were meant to distress and relax but now they are a way to showoff and make a statement. And instead of having a good time on them we are a busy ‘checking in’ and taking abundant pictures. But what still fail to use the best camera we have; our eyes.  In the old days, when we went on vacation, we left our phones and laptops at home. Now things are different. We are so engrossed in the virtual world that we end up ignoring the real world around us.

6. We’re constantly distracted

Relationships now don’t last that long. People don’t have the patience but they certainly do have the time to ‘cyber stock’ you. To make matters worse you have the ‘last seen’ functionality on Whatsapp that has been the root cause of many breakup’s these days. Even when we aren’t expecting a text or a phone call or an email, it’s hard to shake the feeling that we are. Now they come with us like another member of the family. It’s hard to fully relax with that feeling.

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7. Pressure to be camera ready 24/7

Thanks to the selfie phenomenon people are obsessed about clicking a gazillion pictures a day.   And now you need to be picture ready all the time. It’s like living in a big realty television show!

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How TV Is Making You Fat And Stupid

Yes, of course, I am not kidding, watching TV can make you fat. And if the idiot box is your best friend then you need to read further to know how it will make you a very unhealthy person eventually.


Come to think of it, there must be a reason why television is called the idiot box and people who watch it are called couch potatoes. Doesn’t that name trigger doubts in your mind as such? Or is it just me? IDIOT box as the name suggests will make one!!

Recent studies have revealed that an hour of watching TV burns in total 55 calories while if you were out than now sitting on the couch things would have been way different. As compared to walking where you burn 230 calories, riding a bike where you burn 220 calories or dancing that results in burning 330 calories all this is way more than the amount you burn while watching TV.

In fact while sleeping you lose 70 calories, while typing on a computer you lose say about 80 calories, and eating might result to expending close to 100 calories than watching TV. And still you sit endless in front of the damn thing.

In general the food industry spends about $1 billion annually on advertising targeted at children and teenagers. And these advertisements lead to inevitably adding on extra pounds to your weight. As a good chips or chocolate commercial will plague your mind and initiate a curiosity and craving that will eventually lead to you spending money. And in the process also in taking tons of EXTRA calories.

Let me say this, once and for all whatever the actors and actresses might say about how good the product is that they are endorsing, THEY DON’T USE IT. So having honey will not make you look like Bipasha or even having a drink will not make you as cool as Saif. It will all make you FAT, if not anything else!!

As much as you will like to deny it its true that most of us have dinner with the TV. Not literally, but what I mean is that many of us eat in front of the TV. And since we’re distracted and eating mindlessly, we end up eating way more than we realize simply because we’re not paying attention!!


Make a mental note of all this and see if still want to WASTE your time in front of the TV and become a fat couch potato.

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