10 Awesome Tips To Click The Perfect Selfie

#Selfie became one of the most searched and talked about word last year. So much so that it was even added to the Oxford dictionary. Taking selfies has now sort of become the latest International obsession. Whether you accept it or not, I am sure that the selfie bug would have bitten too and every now and then you too would be posing for the perfect selfie.tumblr_inline_n2i55tgjjA1sohk3w

But have you ever wondered what it takes to get that perfect selfie shot? Because if you’re doing it, you might as well do it right!! So while taking your selfie next time round, keep the following tips in mind. And be assured that you will get the perfect shot.

1. Perfect lighting
Lighting is everything. Make sure you are at a spot that has adequate lighting. Once you have the lighting in check more than half of your job is done as bad lighting can spoil even the best of pictures.


2. Dab up the makeup
Yes, even the men can do with a little touch up every now and then!! As there is no harm in looking good even if you have to use a concealer for it. Shampoo, condition and pose. Basically put your best foot forward.Best_Bollywood_Selfie_Clicks

3. Experiment with angles
Don’t be afraid of trying various angles while taking selifes. And try and experiment with every new shot. As angles make a huge difference to every picture. You could even stand in front of the mirror to practice your angles.3785805775655396f68561308

4. App obsession
We all know that there are a number of cool apps available in the market that can help you capture yourself perfectly. All you need to do is to click a selfie and you can use these to add variations to your shot in innumerable ways.1096428063305396f69918ca2

5. Pick the right background
Having a beautiful background automatically adds great value to your picture so make you’re your background is good and clear. This will only amp up the awesomeness meter and give your selfie a never seen before look.3313758654785396f6cc64a98

6. Think out of the box
Try and be as creative as you can with each selfie. From anger to love use your smartphone to capture all your emotions with panache. Take multiple shots. Find your cute expression and make it work.4664752095005396f6e0718cf

7. Showoff your best side
Find out the various angle from which you look your very best and capture that! Of what I have seen many people look great when they hold the phone up and angle their face upwards. This makes the face and body look slimmer.7721977310915396f6f673bdf

8. Be sensible
Learn to manage your picture setting so that strangers are not ogling at your masterpieces. Don’t let your online albums be open for everyone’s view. And most importantly know what’s your limit and don’t push the envelope too far.4984899931125396f85db7d13

9. Practice makes perfect
Don’t expect that you will get the perfect selfie in your first try itself. You need a couple of tries to get that ideal shot. You could even crop up all your selfies and make a collage out of them.ei-222657

10. Have fun and say cheese
Let’s face it no one other than you will have the patience to pose and take pictures. So make the most of it. Also a smile can brighten up a picture instantly. Go ahead and flash those pearly whites and add an instant lift to the capture. Now that you are armed with these many tips to get that perfect selfie! Get clicking!!!5921194693315396f847afb69


10 Reasons That Would Make You Fall In Love With Indian Weddings

Matches are made in heaven and solemnized on Earth.

Love makes the world go round and the logical next step to it is to make it official and that is where weddings come into play. From the word go weddings are like a never ending party and as a nation we are obsessed with weddings.

From months and months of planning to band, baja and barat. Here are reasons why Indian weddings are undoubtedly the best in the world. And for those of you who still are new to the great Indian wedding tamasha read on and by the end of it you might just fall in love with Indian weddings too.
1. Family get to together
Indian weddings are a much needed excuse to celebrate and make merry. Relatives pour in from all sides; the ones you didn’t see in ages, to the ones who you thought are dead to the ones you didn’t know even existed. Apart from the friends you invite it’s the relatives that actually make the wedding what it is.15-punjabi-family

2. Everyone is high on traditions and ceremonies
Indian wedding has heavy on ceremonies. And while most of us are clueless it’s good to visit our roots every once in a while. What if the excuse to do so is the wedding! We may be very forward in every aspect of life but when it comes to weddings everyone loves to do it the traditional way.11-punjabi-family

3. Glamour and glitz
All said and done everyone wants to ramp it up when it comes to weddings. People buy clothes for each wedding function and putting your best foot forward sort of becomes an obsession. It’s like the Indian family version of a fashion week.mn

4. Ample dose of healthy flirting
Now with so many guests in one place and that too of opposite gender the logical next step to the revelry is flirting. Men and women particularly in a wedding tend to be high on happiness and since they are looking their best they tend to make the most of the situation.article-2014720110131536795000

5. Fixing up
The only thing we as Indians love to do other than attending weddings is to fix up new ones. The annual time spent on fixing arrange marriages in the country is something that will shock you to the bits. Relatives and friends love to play matchmakers; in case you are single I suggest you get use to this asap!jjk

6. Food, food and more food
Make way for the chief guest of the entire event! The amount of money people spend on food during an Indian wedding is just preposterous. And trust me when I say the only thing people talk about even after attending the wedding is over is only the food.Eat-Sep20

7. Dance till you drop
Thanks to the Bollywood dancing is considered to be one of the ways we express happiness. We love dancing so much that we have an entire day devoted to it aka the sangeet ceremony. Basically everyone is on the dance floor when the time comes and you will surprised to see how your uncles and aunties shake it up to the tunes of Honey Singh and Baby Doll alike.8-punjabi-family

8. Gifts
We may be stingy but when it comes to weddings, gifting becomes a serious business. People go the length of figuring out how much should we give and this usually depends upon ‘the closeness to the family+ value of card +how many people are going to attend the wedding’. Basically Indian weddings are official the season of giving.Punjabi-Wedding5
9. Hero & heroine for the day
There is something for everyone at the wedding so why leave out the bride and groom. It’s their day and with all the pampering and attention they are made to feel nothing less than film stars.Point-4

10. Memories
The most important reason why weddings are special is because what better place to be happy high than with all the people that matter and making lovely memories for life and getting clicked.photographer smile ... animated gif photo with flash ... graphic art bw images pics animated gifs background mobile screensaver free download photographer 3D HD 1

7 Movies That Inspire You To Travel

Bollywood is truly a wondrous place! From picturesque locations to eventful train journeys, we have seen it all thanks to our very own Bollywood films. And every once in a while, we have come across movies were the characters in film have often taken that trip which has changed their life forever. Yet in all of this, not all Bollywood films teach us something. Although are some gems that stay with you for a long time and in turn make you want to explore the world as well. Here’s my pick of the 10 Bollywood films that inspire you to travel!

1. Queen


You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard or seen this gem of a movie. This movie perfectly captures the middle-class sentiment in India. Where most people dream of travelling to their dream destinations. But are unable to do so due to lack of money or some other reason. The movie manages to capture Paris and Amsterdam quite well in it.


This movie may not have been a big commercial success, but it definitely manages to inspire you to hit the road. Highway covers several exotic places within India that have never been captured before. The entire journey more than a love story, it was all about the sense of freedom that travel can introduce you to.

3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

images (1)
Zoya Akhtar’s movie finally captured the beautiful Spain in all its glory. The heartfelt story of three childhood friends who decide to travel to Spain before one of them is to get married.And in the process of traveling how they rediscover their own identity. Shot in some of the most striking locations of Spain. This is one of those Bollywood films that is bound to remain etched in your memory for good.

4. Jab We Met

Imtiaz Ali’s gave us something in this movie which I am sure even he had no idea he would manage to create. We met Geet!! The movie captures Geet’s metaphorical and personal journey after she meets with Aditya on a train journey. And how their lives get changed as they embarked on a journey together for life.

5. Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

This movie has single handedly inspired other filmmakers to shoot abroad. Not only this it has also done a lot for London as a travel destination. The movie also captured the joy of travel in the form of bus rides and car cruises. Who can forget the iconic train scene where SRK lends his hand to Kajol in midst of the busy train sequence… Brilliant!!

6. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

images (2)

Ayan Mukerji’s latest film, ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ narrates the story of four friends who embark on an impromptu trip and how the trip changes the lives of the characters forever. Manali never looked this beautiful than what we saw in this movie.

7. Dil Chahta Hai

If you love Goa, by the time this movie ends, you will not be the first one to do so. Most of the people I know, definitely ended up packing their bags and heading off to Goa, post they saw it. And because it’s a movie about friends, you’ll also feel like asking your friends to accompany you as well. The movie was also shot extensively in/around Sydney in Australia.

Why I Hate Bollywood!

Bollywood has certainly lost its charm and even more so in the case of its low standard of originality. Film makers these days seem to be in the rat race to make money and in doing so they are producing movies with no head or tail. And before you jump to bite my head off, of course, there are a few exceptions.


But the majority movies that seem to have crossed the 100 crores are just excuses called movies. Or rather they are just mass entertainers that make no sense whatsoever and are related to nothing sensible in life. Anyway, here are the reasons why I simply hate Bollywood!

Let’s get to the crux of the problem here. Bollywood plots are the sole reason why they make crappy movies. The boy meets girl #insert song, boy and girl fall in love #insert song. The hero aka the boy is poor and the girl’s family disapproves of the union, #insert sad song.

The boy gets into a huge fight with the uncle, past lover, future lover, father, cousins etc etc of the girl ( insert fake punching sounds), the parents finally give in to the union, #insert over acting and huge droplets of tears flowing from the parents. The couple finally gets married, #insert marriage song, THE END. Now, what exactly we got to see in maximum movies.


Not only is the plot that sucks usually, it is also the charaterisation, treatment of the plot -all are way too over the top. And have no connect whatsoever to the audience. It’s like a three hour long torture in the name of movie with people trying too hard.

Next excessive use of item songs make me hate Bollywood even more, not only are they demeaning but they all run down women and objectify them. Most of these songs play no role in the ‘so called development of the story’ and are just cheap excuses to cater to the baser needs of the front row audience.

From songs we move to the lyrics, the lyrics of some of the chart busters go like ‘mera pyaar,pyaar, pyaar, hukka bar’!! Or another jem like ‘aachi baat kar li bahut, abh karuga tere saath gaandi baat’. With poetic masterpieces like this why would anyone want to miss a movie!!


More than 75% of the actors and actresses in Bollywood have no idea why they in the profession, it’s like anyone and I mean anyone can get up one day and declare that they can act and join the Bollywood bandwagon. Their acting ability is limited to over the top expressions coupled with pelvic thrusts. All this and much more put me in position but to HATE Bollywood!!