What Makes A Guy Reliable?

The search for ‘Mr/Miss Right’ take a long time. Some are lucky to find them soon and some keep looking their entire life. However, a chance meeting with someone changed my perspective completely. Recently, I met my seven year old niece after a long time. We got chatting and one of the first things that she told me was that she is in love!

She went on to say that she has found the perfect guy in her class. Dumb struck and completely caught off guard, I looked at the smiling girl standing in front of me confessing ‘how she found it’. And who at the age of seven managed to do what many have yet to do or in I should say “yet to find”.

So I quizzed my niece further more and asked her what’s so nice about this guy? She smiled once again and said that “he is looks like Ranbir Kapoor”. So he is the one.
giphy (1)
I just realized that when I was her age perhaps even I would have had the same frame of mind. At that time looks seem to get all your attention. From one shiny new thing we move to the other. As that what our attention span is, when we are young.
During our teens, what women go through is what I would like to call a bad boy phase. Rugged and “cool” this guy will make you go weak in the knees. When the hormones are the driving force he is all that you can think of. And like my seven year old girl think “he’s the one” and you too think that you have found your perfect guy.
After a couple heartbreaks you get to know how he wasn’t the one. And then begin pondering on “what makes a guy reliable?”
As women we want and look for simple things in our partner. I ended up asking all my friends the same thing and got varied answers. What I got is a long list of “What makes a guy reliable?” But one fundamental thing was the same.
In times when lying has sort of become the simplest resort. Honesty in a person comes as a surprise and leaves you spellbound. So, honesty in a guy is the key thing that makes him reliable. After being through a bad boy phase you expect your guy to be first and foremost honest. The sense of honesty makes you believe and helps build trust.
A guy who is vocal about he feels and does, is something that all women want. The list of things that make a guy reliable is long but if the most fundamental ones are right some how the rest of the list automatically falls into place.

All For The Love Of Food

Being a foodie my love for food does go everywhere with me. And believe you me, sometimes, it’s really embarrassing to admit but talking about food and planning for the next meal does take up a major part of my day. In fact to think of it I quite enjoy this as well.
hungry-food-love I’m an unapologetic foodie! And no matter how much will power I put in, I have come to the conclusion that certain foods are highly addictive to the core. The kinds that haunt you in your dreams and most importantly the kinds that give you cravings in the middle of the night!!

No matter how bad they make you feel, you just can’t stop. I mean you could stop, it’s not like you’re tied to the kitchen table being force-fed, but you get my drift, right? After a frantic attempt to figure out what’s wrong with me, I ended up coming across an article that revealed that there are some food groups that actually tend to leave you hungry!!

In a simple line, it would mean let’s just say, some foods forget to signal the brain that you are full and you feel you are hungry all over again. Now that actually makes sense, all of this made me realize that there were a couple of things that I was definitely doing wrong. I was only filling my belly with foods leave you wanting for more!

Chocolates, cakes, noodles and what not these happen to be my comfort food. Little did I know, that instead of giving me comfort they ending up making me hungry!!

Do you know that feeling when just a piece of dark chocolate is never enough? The truth is that both sweet as well salty snacks are very hard to put down. The main fact here is that dark chocolate contains fat that also is another reason why we tend to keep eating more.

Ever wondered why you never seem to get enough of box of noodles and gravy? Or why the label on a aerated drink which may read “diet,” is just to fool you. Studies have proved that diet soda makes you hungrier thanks to the artificial sweetener that basically inhibit your brain cells that make you feel full. How I wish I knew these things a little before, but like they say, it is better late than never.


Silly Things You Do In Love

Love is blind and this is something that is universally accepted. The world looks different when you see it through the pink tainted glasses of love. Love is a powerful motivator that drives us to do all sorts of crazy things.

It puts a spring in our step, makes the world go around and it also make us believe we live in a perfect world. And often than not we end up doing the silliest of things in love which we would normally never do. Here are some of the things we end up doing in love.
There is nothing wrong with going out of your way to please your guy/ girl. But when you drop everything and drive to the other side of town that too in the pouring rain just for his favorite thick-crust pizza, don’t you think you are going overboard? But then all is fair when you’re in love.
They say loving eyes see no imperfection. And yet we go to the lengths of going to the gym, eating right and keeping a tab on your weight, just to look perfect for your next date. Wanting to put your best foot forward means going the extra mile, never letting your partner see your blemishes or a hair out of place.
Sure, if given a choice you’d prefer an elegant candle-light dinner for two at a 5-star restaurant. But you don’t mind going to a road side joint where the server speaks gibberish. Why? This is all because you are with him/her at “his/her” favorite place.
You may hate reading, dancing or singing but remember when it comes to love, if your partner likes it you are willing to experiment. To try all sorts of new hobbies and even new foods with your partner! All because he/she has asked you.
Everyone wants the best love story and in love you often have no qualms about spending hours doing your hair/ makeup and picking clothes to see your guy/girl.
So you’re in love and you want to make it permanent. Hence you decide on getting inked in the name of love. We all know it’s a bad idea and some even think it’s bad luck to get inked with your love’s name, but some just can’t resist it.
Giving each other names to baby talk all this and much more are the silly things you do in love. Some things you do for money and some things you do for love, love, love…

What is the Perfect Recipe Of Love?

Love has often preoccupied our mind and more so now when people have less time for themselves let alone anyone else. This fast paced world seeks solace in the form of loved ones who can not only work as punching bags but also our fall back support system. In all this, relationships and matters of the heart are the most important. Connected by love and separated by circumstance people try everything to make things work. Perhaps, this is what love is all about. Where you would do anything to make ‘the one’ truly happy!!

Your happiness is subjected to the happiness of ‘the one’ you are connected to. You may do the silliest of things that you may have never thought of otherwise just to make that someone happy. Such is the power of love. Young or old, everyone craves for love. But as I look around, such kind of love has diminished around the edges. Things are loved now and people are used. Distances and circumstances are used as excuses to end relationships. And for once even the heart has got practical and doesn’t flutter.

In all this, we see a new and unique love story hitting the screens “The Lunchbox”. Which works on the basic idea of falling in love without meeting the person. The good old idea of romance is brought back with it. But again it does spark various debates. In the present age of modernization and social networks, falling in love via letters is an idea that cannot hold its ground.

While some say, that social networks act as a distraction and we have many options and we fail to appreciate the actual connection which is much more and beyond the physicality of the person. The youth is “looking” for love and social networks help in this search more than ever.  So even if you want to fall in love like this, the options and distraction won’t let you.

The others who are still romantic at heart believe that the love flourishes in such circumstances. Since you cannot see the person, your mind takes over and imagines someone for you; from all the conversations that you have had. Much like a word picture!

Movies like ‘You’ve Got Mail’ also capture the same concept and yet people dismiss the idea of love without meeting; in a jiffy. For them meeting and talking to a person is extremely important in order to “fall” in love. Yet it is also very possible to get attracted to someone only by talking over the phone or via a couple of chats or e-mails.

The question comes down to, can we in the present age fall in love the traditional way or as per the current trend? Your pick, but take it from me, you should fall in love once….

The Matters of the Heart

“The heart may be on the wrong side but it’s always right”. Now doesn’t that sound similar? It is something which we have been told from time immemorial. Yet what one fails to understand is that the heart too can make mistakes, especially when it comes to the “matters of the heart”. The little heart not only pumps blood into your body but also manages to run our lives for us.


The heart may take sensible decision most of the times but when it comes to love more often than not, the seemly sensible demeanor of the heart goes for a toss!! One ends up doing the silliest and the crazy things that you would normally never do. So who is to blame for the feeble heart? And the innumerable heart breaks?

From learning a new language to writing long messages, from late night conversations to corner seat movie tickets, from dancing in the middle of the road to crying like a little baby, from being possessive to fighting over trivial things and this and much more, the heart makes us do it all… The wonders and joys of being in love are experienced all thanks to the heart!!

Many a times, I have wondered whether it gets sadistic pleasure in seeing us miserable post a heart break. Or when it skips a beat on seeing someone special.. This tiny little heart does so many things and I must say that the best experiences are the ones that are close to our hearts… Like in the movie Lootera, ‘Pakhi’ believes that will pass away the day the last leaf falls from the wilting tree outside the window. And the hero ‘Varun’ draws a leaf everyday and ties it to a tree just to give the heroine a reason to live longer or a ray of hope. Such small gestures are managed by the heart!!

So, even though the heart is to be blamed for all our problems and messed up love lives it is because of the heart that we have love and a life!!

The Magic of Memories and the Past….

It’s strange how someone’s presence can light up or kill your mood. How actions, reactions, things, situations all lead to that one person!! Each passing incident or dialogue all remind you of that one person. Replaying the past in front of your eyes like you see in the movies. Sometimes you need to pinch yourself to remind yourself that what you see now is just a recollection of the past. And how  the past can’t be forgotten yet it can always be lived via your memory.

The same place, time, setting but with different people. And all I could pay attention to was the parking lot. the silence of the night in sync with the innumerable lights and the dull sounds of life and people. As I close my eyes I can feel your presence next to me each breath, each word, each action step by step….Looking at you next to me….


I curse my memory sometimes for bringing back the past ..yet the past never fails to surprise me..

A look into the first shot of the movie ‘Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani’ just made me want to jump into the screen and grab hold of the director. It brought back to me the memory of a “Bunny” I knew and met.. A “Bunny” who stole my heart like he stole Naina’s heart. And how like Naina i myself couldn’t say anything. The nuance, the friendship, celebration, travel, adventure, all remind me of my past.

The carefree bird “Bunny” too came into my life like a breathe of fresh air and changed the course of my life as I know it!! From being the most popular guy to the dude who dated hundred’s of women. The “Bunny” I knew was all this and much more. And perhaps the movie made me realize how the dialogues, the scenes and the settings seemed as if my life was a movie…

For the guy to whom I gave my heart… For the guy who still occupies my heart and mind!!!