10 Pretty Little Liars Quotes For Every Life Situation

Six years one since the show has started, Pretty Little Liars still manages to be the most talked, watched and followed show on the telly. The twisted tale of five friends is addictive as hell. Watching Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison and Aria deal with crisis, makes for sheer entertainment.


What makes Pretty Little Liars so great and addictive is that it’s the perfect combination between mystery and relatable life situations. For who don’t know that show has much more to offer than what you see. As Hanna , Spencer, Emily, and Aria always know what to say and do in any given situation. Here are some Pretty Little Liar quotes that you can use in every situation that life throws you in.

  1. For the days when you are down and out never let this feeling pull you back. Never!


2. When in doubt always, always, always speak the truth. Doesn’t matter what it is! Keep your conscience clear. You’ll be surprised to see how much power this give you.


3. Always remember, that nothing in life is permanent.


4. You never know when you meet “the one”. So be ready to fight for what’s yours.


5. For when life has screwed you over multiple times, never think that its only misery in store for you in the future. It doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.


6. Don’t hurt anyone just for fun! There aren’t your play things. Remember Karma is always watching like A does in the show. And Karma knows all your secrets.


7. No number of lies can hide the truth in plain sight.


8. Change is inevitable but this doesn’t mean you invest all your energies into changing other people. Accept people for who they are. They did so with you too 🙂


9. The perfect line to get over a bad break-up!


10. For when things don’t work out in relationships, always remember. You can always control the way it ends.



Rants Of The Restless Mind..

The human mind is so magnificent that more often than not I smile in wonder. Some people leave you in splits and some give a hard time coping with life itself. I had often heard that life is your best teacher and nothing else prepares you for it than life itself!

It is surreal that every once in a while your mind deviates to your past. And that is when you realise that the flashes before you are that of the happy/sad moments which have gone by. And even if you don’t like it they teach you more than anyone else can for sure.


The flash of emotions on your face give you the correct analysis how you feel. But none the less, very few us share what we actually feel. To friends, parents, partners or even to ourselves. Being truthful is big deal but the hardest to actually keep up.

Is that good or is it bad? I am yet to find out on my own. But what I have come to realise is that our mind is more like that of a book. The kinds that I can read and go back to anytime. And thanks to our memory we have the option to actually do that in person.

The more you evade reading it the more you miss out on understanding yourself. Most us know that we have type in the kind of the person you like. But you also have a pattern in the mistakes and decisions you make! So after a lot of self analysis I have come to realise that every now and then you need to sit back and take a stock of your life. Do it, kit really helps!

People may come and go but what remains with you are what they said or did. Much like when you leave the world people remember you by your actions and deeds. So try and leave a good and lasting impression on the ones you love.

A friend once told me never end a meeting with a loved one at a sour note. As life is to short and you never know when you meet next!tumblr_mbe6bvkiFO1qkwamyo1_250