5 Things Dusky Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Let’s face it in a country that is predominately patriarchal by nature, being a woman is as it is a tough job. And to add to this is the fact that we as a nation have always been so obsessed with fair skin that being a dusky woman is tough task in India.

Thanks to this obsession, most of us have grown up watching Fair and Lovely ads and the rest have contributed whole hearted ly to the booming 2000 crore industry of skin-whitening products. None the less, here are a few annoying things that Indians seriously need to stop saying to dusky women.

1. Use a fairness creams


So anyone who is remotely dusky will definitely have heard of this one. As much as we like to argue about intellectual capabilities and talents what people tend to focus on are just your looks. And if you happen to be dusky then, god help you! And in this case god is a fairness creams. As using them “magically” will alter your complexion.

2. Cover your face before you go out!


Yes because the sun is focusing all his energies only on me! Well most of the time seriously wish to counter this dialogue with “Why should I cover my face when I go out? Perhaps, you should think about covering your mouth, like forever.”
3. Only fair and beautiful brides are wanted


One of my distant aunties shot out at me and said “rang aisa hi raha toh shaadi kaun karega tumse?” yes because being fair is the only criteria to know my worth? And in case you happen to think like this, then I have already rejected you in my mind for being a dumb retard.

4. We don’t have that in your shade


Yes because you judging me is all that I need. And if you don’t know dusky people are way more attractive than fair one. I have two words for you, Deepika Padukone. So stop being a JUDGMENTAL RACIST. And just so you know, I exactly know what looks good on me.

5. Why don’t you try this…


I have personally heard this line from so many relatives that I have lost track of it. From besan to rose water, the suggestions are been endless and consistent. All I want to say to them is to thank you them for the concern and ‘free’ advice, but I personally don’t need to match their idea of beauty!!


10 Awesome Ways To Wear A Little Black Dress

When it comes to wardrobe must haves for every girl, then there’s nothing more classic, sexy, and versatile than a little black dress. This LBD can be worn from brunch with friends to office meetings, from your next hot date to last minute get together. This magic can be done easily with a little black dress that can be transformed time and time again with all the right accent pieces. So today here are 10 chic ways to wear this timeless frock, and make a style statement.

1. The LBD’s are a statement in themselves, so little effort like a dash of metallic sheen will give your LBD a new look. Like actress Deepika Padukone is seen sporting metallic earrings and stilettos to go with her LBD.


2. Update your little black dress with bold statement accessories. Like Sonam Kapoor can been seen adding a bold and fresh look to her dress by teaming up her LBD with a futuristic golden neckpiece.


3. Looking for the perfect inspiration on how to sport your boyfriend’s shirt with your little black dress? Then look no further than Alia Bhatt who seen sporting a chic look but cutting the monotony of black with a dash of colour.


4. Pump up the style quotient with bold accessories like a clutch bag and pair of animal-print heels. The leopard-print shoes will give your ladylike LBD a sexy edge. Check out how Isha Koppikar does the same.


5. Adding a big belt to a LBD will help you make a fashion statement like never before. The bold belt will add colour and make you look slim too. Like Kareena Kapoor donned a LBD with a golden belt than made many heads turn at the red carpet.


6. Dress up your little black dress with tights/ stocking. Whether your LBD is sleek or frilly, this new addition to the look will help you look just about right for every situation. Have a look at how Karisma Kapoor manages this look here.


7. Pair your little black dress with a pair of sexy heels. Preferably in a bright colour like Sonakshi Sinha dons pink ones that give her look a girly charm. Not only do they add to your height but also make you look like a super model.


8. Never underestimated the power of neon. With so many glitzy, eye-catching colours in this season, try and add them to your look. Team your LBD with neon colour earrings and bracelets and shoes and you are good to go. Have a look at how Ferigie sports this look with panache.


9. If anyone knows how to turn an outfit upside down (in a good way), then Sushmita Sen is your answer. This woman knows how to rock every look. Check out how she teams up a LBD with a scarf, now that is something that is sure worth trying. What do you say?


10. Team up your little black dress with a hat. Yes you got it right, a hat. Have a look at how actress Blake Lively does the same in this picture. Not only does this look feminine but it is also a classic. But the trick here is to find the perfect hat though.


An Escape to the Hills

Heading to hills often brings a feeling of nostalgia, it brings back the feel good factor and the feeling of ditching the monotony. The round about movement of the bus, moving up to reach the top of the hill, the scenic beauty and a nip in the air all these mark the beginning of a great weekend. Not once has this scene failed to lift up my senses from a stupor. So, here I go, sitting in the bus, soaking in the surrounding and all that nature has to offer me with the i-pod in my ears playing a classic number. And I suddenly acquire a sense of tranquility which usually evades one due to the hustle-bustle of life.

A great escape usually requires some sort of planning at your end. Or you could bank upon your impulsive instincts and take the next bus or train to your dream getaway. Traveling to the hills has its own charm, a charm that will get to you and stay with you for a lifetime. Drive; take the train or simply take a bus, a journey to hills will lift your senses. My love for the hills has taken me to Himachal and Uttarkand umpteen times and have given me fond memories and rich cultural experiences.


What can never be recreated at home is the sunrise that you see in hills, the dark sky changing hues from black, to dark blue, to shades of purple, to shades of pink all moving towards the shades of yellow and orange to give the sky a never seen before look. Witnessing such a sight made me realize that this why mornings are called ‘Good Mornings’. The fresh air and the picture perfect surrounding all make for a great setting to clear your cobwebs!!

People often than not try and capture this beauty in the form of photographs and the hills never fail to give the best possible backdrop. As beauty is the morning, the night in the hills has its own charm, the pitch black sky and the innumerable stars in the sky with lights in the houses. A sight which you don’t see in the city thanks to the pollution. You can spend hours on the terrace star gazing and enjoying a perfect finish to the day. Warm scrumptious delicacies and cozy beds, the hills give everyone what they are looking for. From honeymooners to families to a group of friends, these hills have give generations a good holiday and big smile on their face.

So, the next weekend, ditch the mall or the movie and head for the hills and enjoy the luxury that nature has offer to you.