8 Things I Learnt From How I Met Your Mother

Over the years watching the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has been my guilty pleasure. Coming from the makers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this show too somehow managed to touch many viewers hearts as well. And before we knew it we too were on a quest to find out who was the mother of Ted’s adorable children.header_HIMYM_600

Like ‘Friends’ ‘HIMYM’ too traces the journey of a group of friends. And while watching the up’s and down’s in their life, it made me more capable to deal with a lot of stuff on my own. So much so, that I ended up learning a lot from it. Here are a compilation of eight things that left a mark on me:

1. Whatever may be the situation you can never go wrong with one thing at least. All you need to suit up and face the challenges like a man. And let’s face it Barney Stinson’s suit made him stand out of the crowd.tumblr_lq91bw5CJU1qj0zk3o1_500

2. You need not compromise in love and jump the gun for just about anyone. Sit patiently and wait for the right one to make all the effort. Isn’t this what Ted did and see how things turned out for him?anigif_enhanced-28493-1396185551-5

3. Even though you cannot predict what the future has in store for you but this doesn’t mean you should go back to the past just for the sheer comfort of the situation. Robin knew what she was saying and try and understand what she meant.anigif_enhanced-buzz-1730-1388952617-6

4. The good, the bad and the ugly all make more sense once you have a partner in crime. Just like Barney Stinson did at one point of time. Life is more beautiful when you have someone to share it with.anigif_enhanced-24127-1393650234-2

5. And when everything is going out of sorts the right thing to do is to take time off and perhaps try playing a game. I suggest laser tag!! We all know that Barney Stinson did love the game, it’s never too late to try it out.anigif_enhanced-1431-1396180735-1

6. Barney Stinson may not know much about relationships but believe me this guy made the most sense some situation. Haven’t you felt what Barney is trying to say in this picture? Don’t you know the feeling! It’s okay to vent out what you feel sometimes.Barney-how-i-met-your-mother-28315207-500-282

7. Every once in a while an awesome thing to do is  to ease off the tension and dance your ass off! Believe you me, it actually works like magic. So put on your dancing shoes.ted-moseby-how-i-met-your-mother

8. It’s basic human nature to crave for something that cannot be yours. But then, when it comes to life not everything can be so easy.  robin


Learning To Finally Let Go…

It is an intrinsic part of human nature to become too attached to things or people. And so it can be very difficult to figure out as to how to let go from these attachments. Though secretly we might know that they are not good for us yet detachment is just too much to process.


Some people say that this a very addictive behaviour and this turn is the root of all our suffering. Believe you me, it may seem as a very strong statement, but it is TRUE!

But what I cannot figure out is that why is it so damn difficult to let go? Why is it so hard to give up a habit gone bad or an ex-lover? When we know that these very things, are filling our life with unhappiness and are not letting us move forward in life. Most of us suffer from a feeling of inner emptiness and in hope to try and fill it, we hold on to various attachments.

Some may eat or drink too much, another’s may cling to an unloving ex-partner while a some may even get addicted other ways to fill our inner emptiness. The only way we can let go is to take a good, hard look at the things and people that we are so attached to. And try and make a sense as to do they really fill that nagging sense of inner emptiness?

All we need to burst the fantasy bubble that we have built around our addictive clinging and then we need to make a hard decision to give it up. And stick to it for good. Another good way to let go is to pick and choose the memories you want to keep. And slowing letting go of people and things even from our memory.


You need to stop worrying, stop obsessing over the things we could have done differently to make them stay. And realizing that whatever happens, it happens for a reason and life can be just as good, just as beautiful, even without them in it.

Rants Of The Restless Mind..

The human mind is so magnificent that more often than not I smile in wonder. Some people leave you in splits and some give a hard time coping with life itself. I had often heard that life is your best teacher and nothing else prepares you for it than life itself!

It is surreal that every once in a while your mind deviates to your past. And that is when you realise that the flashes before you are that of the happy/sad moments which have gone by. And even if you don’t like it they teach you more than anyone else can for sure.


The flash of emotions on your face give you the correct analysis how you feel. But none the less, very few us share what we actually feel. To friends, parents, partners or even to ourselves. Being truthful is big deal but the hardest to actually keep up.

Is that good or is it bad? I am yet to find out on my own. But what I have come to realise is that our mind is more like that of a book. The kinds that I can read and go back to anytime. And thanks to our memory we have the option to actually do that in person.

The more you evade reading it the more you miss out on understanding yourself. Most us know that we have type in the kind of the person you like. But you also have a pattern in the mistakes and decisions you make! So after a lot of self analysis I have come to realise that every now and then you need to sit back and take a stock of your life. Do it, kit really helps!

People may come and go but what remains with you are what they said or did. Much like when you leave the world people remember you by your actions and deeds. So try and leave a good and lasting impression on the ones you love.

A friend once told me never end a meeting with a loved one at a sour note. As life is to short and you never know when you meet next!tumblr_mbe6bvkiFO1qkwamyo1_250

The Matters of the Heart

“The heart may be on the wrong side but it’s always right”. Now doesn’t that sound similar? It is something which we have been told from time immemorial. Yet what one fails to understand is that the heart too can make mistakes, especially when it comes to the “matters of the heart”. The little heart not only pumps blood into your body but also manages to run our lives for us.


The heart may take sensible decision most of the times but when it comes to love more often than not, the seemly sensible demeanor of the heart goes for a toss!! One ends up doing the silliest and the crazy things that you would normally never do. So who is to blame for the feeble heart? And the innumerable heart breaks?

From learning a new language to writing long messages, from late night conversations to corner seat movie tickets, from dancing in the middle of the road to crying like a little baby, from being possessive to fighting over trivial things and this and much more, the heart makes us do it all… The wonders and joys of being in love are experienced all thanks to the heart!!

Many a times, I have wondered whether it gets sadistic pleasure in seeing us miserable post a heart break. Or when it skips a beat on seeing someone special.. This tiny little heart does so many things and I must say that the best experiences are the ones that are close to our hearts… Like in the movie Lootera, ‘Pakhi’ believes that will pass away the day the last leaf falls from the wilting tree outside the window. And the hero ‘Varun’ draws a leaf everyday and ties it to a tree just to give the heroine a reason to live longer or a ray of hope. Such small gestures are managed by the heart!!

So, even though the heart is to be blamed for all our problems and messed up love lives it is because of the heart that we have love and a life!!